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Lloyd Logo 402 ELEVATION

Abdominal Drop Cervical Drop Elevation Pelvic Drop Thoracic Drop
Höhe 0.48m - 0.97m
Länge 1.57m - 1.91m
Breite 0.56m
Gewicht 102.06kg

The 402 Elevation hydraulically rises to any height from 19 "to 39" in 10 seconds, offers excellent stability and can lift patients up to 600 pounds. An excellent automatic cocking drop and electronic height adjustment are available as options.

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Standard Features

  • Chest Drop, Hand Cocking
  • Adjustable Width Tilting Headpiece
  • Forward Motion Drop Head w/ Built-In Paper
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Horizontal)
  • Adjustable Chest & Pelvic to Accommodate Pregnant & Large Abdominal Patients
  • Newly Designed Total Drop System
  • Pelvic/Lumbar Drop, Hand Cocking
  • Optional Features

  • Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating, Straight Drop Headpiece with *BIPA
  • Elevating, Straight Drop with *BIPA
  • Total Dimension Flexion™
  • Adjustable Width, Tilting Head with Add-on Paper Attachment
  • Adjustable Width, Tilting Head with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA)
  • Adjustable Width, Tilting, Forward Motion with *BIPA
  • Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating with *BIPA