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Abdominal Drop Auto Drop Cervical Drop Flexion Distraction Leg Drop Pelvic Drop Stationary Thoracic Drop
Höhe 0.43m - 0.76m
Länge 1.63m - 1.98m
Breite 0.56m
Polsterbreite 0.53m
Gewicht 77.11kg

The 402 FlexionStationary table has a smaller head and shoulder area for patient comfort. A simple control lever allows you to instantly lock a bend or side bend. Hydraulic control provides more constant resistance over the entire flexion range, regardless of patient size or weight.

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Standard Features

  • Adjustable Chest
  • Axial Extension/Retraction (Man. Foot Pump)
  • Tilt Head w/ Add-On Paper Attachment
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Horizontal)
  • Ankle Straps (Pair)
  • Flexion Distraction (Manual)
  • Lateral Bending
  • Optional Features

  • Split Chest with Filler
  • Breast Cushion (Center Section Firm Foam, Outer Sections Softer Foam)
  • Chest and Lumbar Drop (One Piece Cushion) (Manual)
  • Chest and Lumbar Drop (One Piece Cushion) (Manual & Automatic)
  • Spring Breakaway Chest With Adjustable Tension
  • Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating with *BIPA
  • Adjustable Width, Tilting, Elevating, Straight Drop Headpiece with *BIPA
  • Total Dimension Flexion™
  • Adjustable Width, Tilting Head with Add-on Paper Attachment
  • Adjustable Width, Tilting Head with Built-in Paper Attachment (BIPA)
  • Adjustable Width, Tilting, Forward Motion with *BIPA
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Vertical)
  • Automatic Axial Distraction (AAD) - With Auto Flexion
  • Automatic Axial Distraction (AAD) - Without Auto Flexion
  • Telescopic T-Bar
  • Bellows
  • Angled T-Bar
  • Grab Bar
  • Pelvic Drop (Manual)
  • Pelvic Rotation