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Lloyd Logo ACTIVATOR 920HS (Hylo & Elevation)

Elevation Hylo Leg Drop Pelvic Drop
Höhe 0.48m - 0.97m
Länge 2.06m
Breite 0.64m
Polsterbreite 0.66m
Gewicht 170.1kg

This is a table that provides a more effective and convenient setting method. The electronic height selector lifts the table to any height from 18 "to 38", virtually eliminating bending and stooping. Standard features include Hylo, foldable footplate, elevation, paper tray, and height selector.

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Standard Features

  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Vertical)
  • Drop Away Foot Plate
  • Auto Height Select
  • Optional Features

  • 28" Wide Cushion
  • Hand Bars
  • Pelvic Drop (Manual)
  • Pelvic Drop (Manual & Automatic)