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Lloyd Logo C 108 Drop Portable

Abdominal Drop Cervical Drop Pelvic Drop Portable Thoracic Drop
Höhe 0.27m - 0.53m
Länge 0.86m - 1.71m
Breite 0.51m
Gewicht 19.96kg

The Lloyd's Activator® portable table is ideal for home visits and adjustments at home, in the office, at lectures, or while traveling.

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Standard Features

  • Chest Drop (Manuel) (Elevation only)
  • Lumbar Drop (Manuel) (Elevation Only)
  • Tilting and Elevating Headpiece
  • Forward Motion & Straight Drop Head
  • Newly Designed Total Drop System
  • Pelvic Drop (Manual)
  • Optional Features

  • Adjustable Ankle Rest (Horizontal)
  • Add-On Paper Attachment for Portables
  • Adjustable Height (21 to 26)
  • With Tilt Head Only (37 Pounds)