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Zenith Logo Elevation Model E25 "Plus"

Abdominal Drop Cervical Drop Elevation Pelvic Drop
Höhe 0.51m - 0.71m
Länge 1.57m
Breite 0.46m
Polsterbreite 0.61m
Gewicht 120.2kg

This Zenith elevation series deluxe setting Table features three standard TERMINAL POINT drops (cervical, dorsal, pelvic) and a new optional THORACIC drop. This Zenith table guarantees unmatched quality, performance, and value, along with a variety of methods. You will feel the difference, and your patients will request the Zenith Model E25 Elevation Series for their next treatment.

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Standard Features

  • Abdominal Swingaway (Drop NA w/Option)
  • Forward Motion Headpiece
  • Tilting Headpiece
  • Cervical Drop
  • Face Paper Toweling and Dispenser
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest Cushion
  • Adjustable Front Section
  • Terminal Point Drop Dorsal
  • Soft Hinged Dorsal
  • Terminal Point Drop Pelvic
  • Slide & Crank Pelvic
  • Optional Features

  • Abdominal Drop
  • 21" Cushions
  • Pregnancy Pillow
  • Face Paper-25 Rolls to a Case
  • Ankle Cushion Scuffguard
  • Pelvic & Dorsal Blocker Set