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Zenith Logo Flexion Distraction Model 95

Flexion Distraction Pelvic Drop
Höhe 0.56m - 0.81m
Länge 2.03m - 2.29m
Breite 0.53m
Polsterbreite 0.61m
Gewicht 145.15kg

If the results are key, take a look at the patented lines in the Zenith Cox95 table. The Zenith Cox 95 table is the best flexion extension and decompression device on the market. With standard features that exceed the highest expectations, do not accept alternatives other than the Zenith Cox95 table.

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Standard Features

  • Lumbar Roll
  • Pivotal Thoracic Locks in any Position
  • Face Paper Toweling and Dispenser
  • Fixed Cervical Headpiece
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest Cushion
  • Remote Footswitch
  • Axial Rotation Locks in any Position
  • Circumduction Combines Lateral and Vertical Flexion
  • Manual Plan Traction Adjust Table Lenght
  • Power Balance System
  • Lateral Flexion Locks in any Position
  • Caudal Flexion-Distraction
  • Manuel Caudal Assist Handle
  • Optional Features

  • Abdominal Swingaway (Drop NA w/Option)
  • Pivotal Thoracic Rotation
  • Pregnancy Pillow
  • Face Paper-25 Rolls to a Case
  • Universal Head Raiser
  • Tilting Headpiece
  • Ankle Cushion Scuffguard
  • Foldaway Casudal Assist Handle
  • Manual Lo-Force TP Drop (choose up to 2 more)
  • Air Compressor
  • Air Hose "T" Fitting
  • 220 Volt Operation
  • Selection of Base Colors
  • Automatic Axial Distraction (Incl Foldaway Handle)
  • Raised Pelvic
  • Caudal Rotation- NA with Pelvic Drop