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Zenith Logo Footcocking Stationary STA-2001 Adjusting Table

Cervical Drop Footcocking Drop Pelvic Drop Stationary
Höhe 0.48m - 0.51m
Länge 1.63m - 1.91m
Polsterbreite 0.53m
Gewicht 79.38kg

This 2001 US top table model has leg tension in the back, dorsal, lumbar, and pelvic drops.

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Standard Features

  • Lumbar Drop
  • Cervical Drop
  • Face Paper Toweling and Dispenser
  • Head Piece Elevates to 6" and Lowers 3"
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest Cushion
  • Hand Cocking Cervical
  • Foot Cocking Dorsal
  • Dual Drop Controls and Pedals
  • Pelvic Drop
  • Pelvic Section Elevates 5"
  • Optional Features

  • Face Paper-25 Rolls to a Case