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Cervical Drop Elevation Flexion Distraction Manual Pelvic Drop Thoracic Drop
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Is it time to upgrade your treatment table? Designed for patient comfort as well as the chiropractic physician's posture, the Lite Series Leander Table provides manual flexion / extension with a manual flexion assist handle with automatic position lock. This state-of-the-art treatment table features comfortable caudal rotation, long axis traction, a foldable cervical section, and an adjustable T-bar. Use the elevating headpiece and break-away abdominal section to make various adjustments to the patient without mispositioning, bending and/or twisting. The Lite series anterior lateral flexion with variable lock ensures comfortable spinal alignment and positioning for a custom fit for the practitioner. Leander Table Lite Series Manual Bending-Create an excellent patient experience with a distraction table.

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Optional Features

  • Thoracic Drop
  • Cervical Drop
  • Pelvic Drop