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Orup Logo MC-40 Elevation Table

Cervical Drop Elevation Leg Drop Pelvic Drop Thoracic Drop
Höhe 0.46m - 0.86m
Länge 1.86m
Breite 0.55m
Polsterbreite 0.55m
Gewicht 120kg

A basic chiropractic elevation table with all the usual ORUP features. Narrow and heavy base for easy access and stability. It has excellent build quality, finish, and unique head joints. The MC40 comes with the most commonly used options for chiropractic practices.

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CHF 7'190

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Optional Features

  • Thoracic Drop
  • Cervical Drop
  • Headpiece equipped for Paper Roll
  • Elevation Control in Head Piece
  • Hipp / Leg Drop
  • Lumbo / Pelvic Drop